E-marine expands its Salalah Storage Facility to match the rising customer demand.

Dubai, UAE: 13, Feb, 2012: E-marine, the regional leader in Submarine Cable installation, maintenance and repair, announced the completion of expansion of their Salalah Depot facilities in Port of Salalah-Oman.
Mr. Omar bin Kalban, MD and CEO of E-Marine said: “In order to meet the rising demand for bonded storage facilities for the wet plants, we expanded our storage area capacity in Salalah, Oman by almost 40% by adding additional 420 square meters which are operational since January 2012”.
E-marine provides sophisticated storage facilities for submarine cable and accessories in controlled environment and in accordance with highest international standard along with testing and jointing by qualified testers and jointers. These storage facilities guarantee longer cable life.
“Our existing strong commitments to various customers as well as the new customer’s activities led E-marine to increase the storage capacity by building a new facility in Salalah site, allowing us to serve our clients in a best possible and cost effective way” added Mr. Omar Bin Kalban.
E-marine’s facility in Salalah, Oman is designed to provide safe and sound storage of highly sensitive undersea cables and accessories. The Depot occupies now a total area of around 1560 square meters with nine cable tanks and has a total cable storage capacity about 2000 cubic meters. The depot not only has a huge capacity for repeaters and spares storage but is also well equipped with laboratory and fiber optic workshop, forklifts, hauling machines and ancillary equipment.
With over 25 years of experience, E-marine has become the growth hormone for regional telecommunication business. With the regional availability and expertise coupled with skilled resources, E-marine’s vision is to encompass high end technology and become a essential player in the submarine cable industry.
E-marine PJSC is an ISO Certified Company and one of the market leaders in submarine cable installation, maintenance and repair. E-Marine owns three Cable Ships and One Special Purpose Cable laying support vessel which are all fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Besides the Telecommunication field, E-marine provides a wide range of solutions to the offshore Oil & Gas Industry. E-Marine has to its credits many prestigious regional and international projects as well as maintenance and storage contracts for various submarine cables systems. E-Marine is the regional leader in providing maintenance, storage and repair services in the Arabian Gulf, Indian Ocean, East Africa and Red Sea. The strategic location of E-Marine’s facilities as well as its customized solutions and highly competent professionals makes E-Marine the preferred choice in the region for submarine cable related services.