Lat 25⁰ 0.795’N Lon 055⁰ 05.404’E

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E-marine owns four Cable Ships and one Special Purpose Cable Laying Support Vessel which are equipped with state of the art equipments. Cable Ship Etisalat is a medium-sized cable ship which is designed to operate in shallow waters. Cable Ship Maram (DP II), NIWA (DP II) and Cable Ship Umm Al Amber are large cable ships with working class ROV’s, which can operate for longer periods at sea. Cable Ship Maram is the latest addition to the fleet and is the most modern,’GreenPlus’ cable ship in the world, ever built.It is the first eco-friendly cable ship in the Special Purpose Vessel, WASEL is designed to play a vital role in shallow water operations to provide support for diving, survey, shore end cable landings.

These ships are equipped with state of the art technology with the support of advanced software taking the engineering activities to the highest professional level.