Lat 25⁰ 0.795’N Lon 055⁰ 05.404’E

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Navajo ROV

Brief Description

The Navajo ROV is a truly versatile professional ROV system suitable for inshore and offshore use. Its size and weight allow easy transportation and deployment, yet it is large enough to provide a stable platform for high quality video and sonar surveys.

The ROV is also capable of carrying neutrally buoyant work skids and multifunction manipulators.

The system comprises of four main components, the Surface Control Unit (SCU), the Hand Controller, the Umbilical or Tether and the Navajo Vehicle (ROV).


Performance – Dimensions

 Depth Rating:  130 meters  430 feet
 Payload:  5 Kg  11 Ib


 Height:  411 mm  16.2″
 Length:  1025 mm  40.4″
 Width:  628 mm  24.7″


 Mass in Air:  42 Kg  93 Ib


 Forward:  550 N  55 kgf  121 Ibf
 Vertical:  180 N  18 kgf  40 Ibf
 Lateral:  180 N  18 kgf  40 Ibf

Maximum Velocity – Operational

 Forward:  2.5 m/s  5.0 Kt.
 Vertical:  1.25 m/s  2.5 Kt.
 Lateral:  1.25 m/s  2.5 Kt


 Turning Rate:  120 Degrees per second approx.

ROV System Components

    ROV System Components
  • 1. Surface Control Unit (SCU)
  • 2. Hand Controller
  • 3. Umbilical
  • 4. NAVAJO Vehicle ( ROV)

Optional Equipment

  • 1. Dual Frequency Sonar
  • 2. Low Cost Sonar
  • 3. Profiling Sonar
  • 4. Side Scan Sonar
  • 5. Bathymetric and Oceanographic Sensors
  • 6. CP and Wall Thickness Probes
  • 7. 1,2 and Function Manipulators

1. The Surface Control Unit (SCU) is 5U high, 19 “rack module and incorporates the main power and the vehicle control systems. This compact unit contains power conditioning and a Line Insulation Monitoring (LIM) electrical safety system, vehicle telemetry, Light dimmers, automatic depth & handling control (altitude optional) and video overlay system. Work skid functions are also controlled from the SCU. Two main cables connect to the SCU, the main power supply and ROV umbilical. Power requirements are 80 to 264 VAC, 47 to 440 Hz, 3.0 to 4.8 kW. A Portable 7U high, 19 “rack flight case is available which incorporates the SCU and a fold-away flat panel monitor.

2. The Hand Controller is used for vehicle flying and is connected to SCU by an interconnect cable. Standard hand controller is Sony PS2 joystick as most operators will be familiar with this format. An optional ‘ professional’ hand controller can also be supplied. Both options are interchangeable.

3. The 14 mm diameter umbilical is connected between the SCU and the ROV where it is terminated using a signal metal shell electrical connector.

4. The NAVAJO vehicle (ROV) consists of three main assemblies, these being the Propulsion Module, Imaging Module and Frame