Lat 25⁰ 0.795’N Lon 055⁰ 05.404’E

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The system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the world’s offshore markets. The Olympian T2 ROV Jetting system is well suited for a variety of projects, requiring an extremely versatile and high-powered work-class ROV or Trenching system.

The Olympian T2 ROV jetting system is an extremely capable 300kW modular system, built around an enhanced Olympian ROV core vehicle.

The system can be utilized as either an ROV trenching system or a Work-class ROV system.

Whilst in trenching and burial mode, it can meet the most challenging burial requirements and is capable of up to 2.5M burial depths in sand and clay soils with strength in excess of 80kPa. The burial tool has a max cutting width of up to 720mm.

Whilst in work-class intervention mode, the Olympian T2 ROV System becomes a very versatile, high-powered WROV, capable of a variety of tasks including:

  • 1. Survey and Touch Down Monitoring
  • 2. Subsea maintenance and repair
  • 3. Drill support tasks
  • 4. Construction
  • 5. Deepwater operations and general intervention tasks.


Vehicle Dimensions

  • Trencher Mode:
    • Width 3800mm
    • Height 2900mm
    • Length 5200mm
    Intervention Mode:
    • Width 1900mm
    • Height 1980mm
    • Length 3700mm

    Weight in Air

    Trencher Mode:
    • 10900Kg
    Core Vehicle:
    • 3900Kg

    Weight in Water

    Tracks Fitted:
    • 700Kg (+/-100Kg)
    Skids Fitted:
    • 0Kg (+/- 40Kg)
    Intervention Mode:
    • Neutral

    Bollard Pulls

    • 900Kgf
    • 780Kgf
    Vertical (Up):
    • 1000Kgf


    • 4.0 Knts
    • 2.7 Knts
    Vertical (Up):
    • 2.7 Knts
    On Tracks (Tool Stowed):
    • 4000M/Hr
    Lift Capacity
    • 10500Kg
    Payload Capacity
    • 200Kg
    Under-slung Lift Capacity
    • 6000Kg
    Power 3 x 95Kw Packs:
    • 285Kw (382 HP)

    Propulsion System

    • 4 x 380mm Horizontal Thrusters
    • 3 x 380mm Vertical Thrusters

    Auto Functions

    • +1o
    • +75mm
    • +100mm
    Trim functions
    • Horizontal
    • Roll +10o
    • Pitch +10o

    Burial Tool

    • 1M, 2M & 3M Sword Options


    • Hydraulic Fixed and Float Mode
    • Variable Depressor Force
    • Cable Locate Sensor

    Standard Equipment Fit

    • 2 x TA40 Rate Controlled 7-Function manipulators
    • Gyro/Fluxgate Compass
    • Pitch/Roll Sensor
    • Digiquartz Depth Sensor
    • Sonar (Sonavision 3000)
    • Hydraulic Tool and Equipment Interfaces
    • 1 x Sit Camera
    • 1 x Low Light Camera
    • Pitch/Roll Sensor
    • 1 x Colour Zoom Camera
    • 4 x Monochrome Mini Camera
    • 8 x 250W 3000MSW Rated Subsea Lights
    • Ulvertech Echo Sounder
    • Tritech Bathy Unit Inc Altimeter
    • Tritech Sea-King Dual Headed Profiler System
    • Cable Cutter Inc Intensifier
    • Ejectable Cable Grabber Inc Intensifier

    Telescopic A-Frame Unit, SWL 12 Te

    • 5 M
    • 25Te

    Umbilical Winch, SWL 22.4 Te

    • 55Te


    • 3200M
    • 46.5mm
    Break Strength:
    • 1060kN
    Tension Limiting Device
    • 12.5Te
    Deck HPU Weight:
    • 7Te

    Control Cabin

    • 6.1M / 20ft Offshore ISO Container, Fire Rated to Solas A60, Air Conditioned
    • Control Console and Associated Equipment
    • Full Video Suite
    • Video Switcher and Overlay Unit
    • Intercom Systems
    • Weight 7Te

    Transformer Cabin

    • 4.6M / 15ft Offshore ISO Container, Fire Rated to Solas A60, Air Conditioned
    • All Associated Transformers and Distribution Panel
    • Weight 10Te

    Spares Container

    • 6.1M/20ft Offshore Container
    • Weight 7Te