Lat 25⁰ 0.795’N Lon 055⁰ 05.404’E

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Seaeye Jaguar

The Seaeye Jaguar represents a new era in ROV design and the largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye’s range. The Jaguar introduces a new concept in control and power distribution that ensures reliability and complete redundancy throughout the vehicle. With a standard operational depth of 3000msw and options of up to 6000msw most subsea applications are within its range and capabilities.

The system can be quickly configured for different task-specific applications, such as

  • 1. Drill Support.
  • 2. Non destructive testing.
  • 3. Cleaning and dredging.
  • 4. Pipe line survey and General Survey
  • 5. Submarine Rescue etc

Particulars & Specifications

 Model  Jaguar
 Category   Electrical Work Class
 Depth rating  3000msw
 Weight   1500 kg
 Mass in air with payload  1725 kg
 Max weigth in air for TMS operation   Max ROV weight: 2500 kg


 Height (mm)  1550
 Length (mm)   2200
 Width (mm)  1325
 No of thrusters & Type   4 x SM8 + 4 x SM7
 Thruster Config  4 Horizontal & 4 Vertical

Max Trust

 Forward  325 kg
 Reverse   325 kg
 Lateral  290 kg
 Vertical  225 kg

Max Velocity

 Forward  3 Knots
 Reverse   3 knots
 Lateral  2.5 knots
 Vertical  1.75 knots
 Turning Rate   Variable, up to 180 degree / sec
 Auto Heading accuracy: Sensor accuracy   +/-1 dgree
 Depth Control  Yes

Surface Equipment

Surface control unit:
 Height  2052mm
 Width   1643mm
 Depth  1162mm (including 502mm deep work top)
 Mass  350 kg

Head Control Unit:

 Height  140 mm
 Width   440 mm
 Mass  2 kg

Transformer Power unit:

 Height  2155 mm
 Width   1800 mm
 Depth  765 mm
 Mass  1593 kg
 Fiber Optic Telemetry   2 video & data multiplexers
 Composite Video Channels  8
 RS 485 channels  4
 RS 232 Channels  8

Tether and Main lift cable dimensions:

 Tether (standards)   Ø22 mm
 Main Lift Umblical (Standard 3000V system)   Ø28.6mm