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بالتعاون مع شركة “هواوي مارين” “إي مارين” تنفذ مشروع أفاسا لنظام الكابلات البحرية بجزر القمر

دبي، الإمارات العربية المتحدة،15 يناير 2017 : أعلنت “إي مارين” ، المزود الرئيسي لحلول الكابلات البحرية في الشرق الأوسط ومقرها دبي، اليوم أنها أتمت بنجاح تنفيذ مشروع أفاسا لنظام كابلات البحرية الذي يمتد بطول 260 كيلومتر في جزر القمر بالتعاون مع شركة هواوي مارين للشبكات البحرية المحدودة، وذلك في إطار عملية توفير بنية اتصالات تحتية متفوقة تتميز بسعة فائقة وسرعات عالية في جزر القمر. وفي إطار تنفيذ المشروع وتوفير خدمات التركيب البحرية، خصصت شركة “إي مارين” سفينتها الرائدة “سي إس مرام”، التي تعد أول سفينة كابلات بحرية صديقة للبيئة في...

E-Marine joins hands with Huawei Marine to install Avassa Submarine Cable in Comoros

Dubai, UAE, Jan.,15,2017: E-marine, the principal provider of submarine cable solutions in the Middle East, today announced that, in collaboration with Huawei Marine Networks Co. Ltd., it has successfully completed the 260-km Avassa Submarine Cable System marine installation in Comoros Islands, To provide marine installation services, E-marine deployed it’s 126m CS Maram vessel, the most modern ‘Green Plus’ and first-ever eco-friendly cable ship in the world, for the cable lay operation.

The project involved the laying of two submarine cables – one linking Mayotte to Mutsamudu in Anjouan Island, and the other linking Moroni to Chindini in Grande Comores. The landing party at Moroni, Chindini and Mutsamudu was Comores Telecom and STOI at Mayotte.

Omar Jassim Bin Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of E-marine, said: “With more than three decades of experience and market leadership in submarine cable installation, maintenance and repair...

E-marine launches world’s newest eco-friendly cable-laying vessel in Dubai

By Naseef Chenath | Gulf News Journal | Tuesday, Jun7,2016 @2:04pm

  CS Maram

Strengthening its dominance in the high-growth sub-sea cable market, E-marine, the Middle East’s principal provider of submarine cable solutions, recently launched its newest cable-laying vessel, the CS Maram, in Dubai.

The newest in E-marine’s fleet of five vessels, and the fourth in its cable-laying fleet, CS Maram is considered to be the most modern eco-friendly cable ship ever built.

“This is our fifth vessel to be added in our cable-laying fleet and is one of the most modern eco-friendly cable ships in the world,” Omar Jassim Bin Kalban, managing director and chief executive officer of E-marine, told Gulf News Journal. “It demonstrates our commitment to the region and helps us in faster deployment of our cable...

“ئي مارين” تعزز حضورها الإقليمي وتطلق رسميا سفينة الكابلات البحرية “مرام” الأحدث من نوعها على مستوى العالم

CSMaram launch_190516

دبي19 مايو 2016- أطلقت “ئي مارين”، المزود الرئيسي لحلول الكابلات البحرية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط، رسميا اليوم في دبي سفينة مد الكابلات البحرية “مرام” والتي تعد الأحدث من نوعها في هذا المجال. وتشكل هذه الخطوة إضافة هامة إلى العديد من الإنجازات التي قامت بها الشركة مؤخرا بهدف تعزيز حضورها الإقليمي في مجال مد الكابلات البحرية.

وتعد هذه السفنية الرابعة ضمن أسطول الشركة في مجال مد...

E-marine strengthens regional presence with launch of world’s newest cable-laying vessel in Dubai to support ambitious expansion plans

CSMaram launch_190516

Dubai, UAE, 19th May, 2016: E-marine, the principal provider of submarine cable solutions in the Middle East, officially launched its newest cable-laying vessel in Dubai today, to support its ambitious expansion plans and boost capacity to maintain vital cable infrastructure in the Middle East and East Africa region.

CS Maram is E-marine’s fifth vessel to be added to its cable laying fleet, which was constructed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital Abu Dhabi and incorporates eco-friendly technology. CS Maram is the most modern,’GreenPlus’ cable ship in the world, ever built.

CS Maram can handle the installation and maintenance of all types of sub-sea cables, including...

Press Release on SubOptic2016 | Arabic

Press Coverage Sub Optic_Arabic

E-marine prepares to bring largest global conference for sub-sea communications industry to the Middle East

SubOptic 2016 will take place in Dubai marking the event’s 30 year history

Dubai, UAE,: E-marine, the principal provider of submarine cable solutions in the Middle East, is preparing to bring the largest global conference for the submarine cable industry to the UAE this month. The company is hosting the 9th edition of SubOptic 2016, where industry leaders will gather to discuss the emergence of the communications industry, which is gathering momentum in the East Africa, Middle East and Sub-Continent region.

More than 600 attendees from over 200 organisations are expected to descend on Dubai for the event that will be held at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai between the 18th -21st April 2016.

Submarine cables connect global economies from east to west, which are dependent on uninterrupted global data connectivity. Telecommunication operators in the Middle East have played a key role in the development of submarine fiber cable links and E-marine has supported them by...

Emarine marks start of ambitious fleet expansion with dock trials of first new vessel

E-marine, the principal provider of submarine cable installation and repair solutions in the Middle East and Sub-Continent region, has unveiled ambitious plans to expand its fleet of cable ships in 2015, with the first ship, the CS Maram, beginning dock trials ahead of its maiden voyage this year.

The CS Maram, which was built in Abu Dhabi, UAE has been designed to manage the installation and maintenance of all types of submarine cables, including fiber optic telecommunications cables and energy cables. The ship is expected to successfully complete dock trials and be ready for launch within the coming months.

E-marine’s planned fleet expansion will see the addition of...

E-marine Signs Major Maintenance Agreement to Cover East African Submarine Network (EASSy)


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