E-marine’s journey began in the 1990’s and since then has an impeccable track record of successfully completing numerous projects inclusive of local and international importance.

Besides being a market leader in Telecommunication Submarine Cable Installation, Maintenance and Repair Services E-marine also offers its services in the field of Marine Project Management and Consultancy, Marine Route Survey, Cable Freight Management Storage and Chartering. E-marine also provides complete range of solutions to offshore Oil Gas power and communication cables.

E-marine now has a fleet of four fully equipped cable ships and a newly acquired Multi-Purpose Vessel ATHBA (DP-II), with state-of-the-art facilities. The company’s vessels are all equipped with the latest survey, cable laying and navigation equipment, and cable management systems. Cable Ship Etisalat is a medium-sized cable ship which is designed to operate in shallow waters. Cable Ship Maram (DP II), NIWA (DP II) and Cable Ship Umm Al Amber are large cable ships with working class ROV’s, which can operate for longer periods at sea. Cable Ship Maram was inducted into our fleet in 2016 and is the most modern, ’GreenPlus’ cable ship in the world, ever built.It is the first eco-friendly cable ship in the world. All of these vessels are equipped with the latest Survey, Navigation equipment and Cable Management Systems.

Apart from its core activities of submarine cable installation and maintenance, E-marine provides sophisticated storage facilities for submarine cable and accessories in controlled environment and in accordance with highest international standard along with testing and jointing by qualified testers and jointers. These storage facilities guarantee longer cable life.

E-marine’s Cable Depots (Port of Salalah-Oman,Hamriyah Free Zone,Sharjah-UAE) provides sophisticated storage facilities for Submarine Cables and accessories in controlled environment in accordance with highest international standards. The depots are equipped with testing and jointing facilities by highly qualified professionals. E-marine’s storage facilities meet the right international standards.

E-marine’s total commitment for quality is evidenced with the obtainment of an integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management System. It is certified to ISM Code, ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

E-marine has highly qualified and motivated teams to provide a customized solution, locally, regionally and globally to our valued customers.

Meet our Team

E- marine skilled team members have lived up to the challenges to innovativeness, quality and reliability as they grow in the face of ever-deeper water, more demanding locations and greater distances that needs be covered. Our project managers have years of expertise in managing materials, service quality, economy and efficiency and the ability to deliver on time. Our international presence with a global spread of offices helps us deliver customized innovative and highly integrated solutions that provide the best return on investment to our customers.

We are Multicultural

At E-marine, employees from different cultures work together successfully. We value diversity and find it encouraging; we treat each other with respect and act with tolerance. As a globally active company, we benefit from the value of input every individual brings. Our shared experiences allow us to move forward together with people from around the world.

CEO Message

“We have been in the field of Subsea cabling for over three decades, providing services to our friends, colleagues and business associates in the industry at regional & international levels.  Our aim is to continue such robust efforts through enhanced technology, cost-effective solutions and permanent Local support”.

Integrated Management System

The E-marine Integrated Management System is a quality-based structured process for managing QHSE activities in compliance with IMO’s International Safety Management (ISM) Code, Quality Management System and HSE Management System as well as international and local rules and regulations consistent with classification societies and Integrated Management System relevant standards.  The Integrated Management System – IMS of E-marine is the combination and meets the requirements of ISM Code, ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The system explains and maintains E-marine’s organizational goals, safety of its ships, occupational health, safety & environmental protection within the organization and onboard including safety of life at sea and the needs and expectations of its clients.  The system’s management procedures are documented to ensure that conditions, activities and tasks, ashore and onboard the cable ships, affecting safety and environmental protection, are planned, organized, executed, reviewed and improved.


To be the trusted partner for all underwater solutions.


To provide all under water solutions through innovative, cost effective and dependable services with the highest levels of safety, professionalism and efficiency in the region and beyond.


  • Service Excellence We are committed towards excellence in all services.
  • Reliability We strive to understand our customer requirement to deliver solutions suitable to them.
  • Respect We respect our customers, suppliers, fellow colleagues and honor their contributions.
  • Innovation We accept challenges, explore solutions and innovate for tomorrow.
  • Safety We believe in agility with safety in every step.

QHSE Policy

E-marine endeavours to be amongst the leaders in the submarine cable laying and maintenance industry with world class standards of quality.  Our aim is to provide the best services through strategic processes beyond customers’ expectations and their increased satisfaction. We have our prime concerns for the Health, Safety, Environment and Welfare of our employees within and outside the organization and commitment to protect the company’s assets and interests in such a manner to minimize any of our actions that may have any negative impact on the quality of our services or endanger the environment and to maintain highest practically achievable standards of safety, occupational health, and environmental protection. We shall make sure that Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of any work activity is treated with highest level to protect the company’s interests. We are committed to have proper management structure, personnel, financial, technical and administrative resources to maintain and improve the quality of our services while minimizing any potential adverse impacts of our operations on human health as well as environment in general and marine environment in particular. We shall provide adequate training to ensure work is carried out professionally. We shall respect applicable laws, both local and international, regulating safety, environment and pollution control while conforming to internationally accepted “Best Practices” and “Standards”. We shall exert our best efforts for the continual improvement of our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performance by developing and implementing necessary management program with defined objectives and targets thereto.  By doing so, we shall maintain our working culture that continuously strives to improve our prospects in the best working environment where any associated risk is maintained As Low As Reasonably Practicable. We shall ensure that actions are taken to correct and prevent recurrence events being repeated and those conclusions and recommendations are communicated in a timely manner. We shall make sure that the policy is communicated to all employees, clients and interested parties.

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